Some Important Questions

How to Get IGNOU Question Papers?

Candidates may get IGNOU Question Papers online for the June and December term-end examinations.

How to Answer IGNOU Exam Questions?

To answer IGNOU Question Papers, visit or you can use IGNOU Study Material.

What is the significance of IGNOU Previous Year/Semester Question Paper?

To be familiar with the paper style or structure of a certain test.

Is it necessary to complete the prior session's question paper?

Yes, it is suggested for extra credit in tests.

Is the IGNOU test tough to pass?

It is true that passing the IGNOU test is difficult, but it is not impossible. Many students are concerned about passing this test because of the stringent quality of IGNOU's marking methodology.

Is it possible to get a job at IGNOU?

Yes. IGNOU has its own placement office, known as the CPC. At its headquarters and regional centres, the cell offers on-campus and off-campus placement and employability development programmes.

IGNOU students are hired?

Yes. The IGNOU Campus Placement Cell (CPC) was created in 2005 at the university's headquarters to serve as a focal point for all placement-related activities and to expedite the process of gainful employment for the university's varied and geographically scattered learner community.

What are the IGNOU Assignment Passing Marks?

To pass the IGNOU Assignments, students must get at least 40 points out of a possible 100. All IGNOU academic programmes will have the same minimum mark requirement. If a candidate does not get the required minimum marks on an IGNOU assignment, the work must be redone.


How can I choose a topic for my IGNOU project work?

You may choose a subject from the list of recommended themes given in the IGNOU Project Handbook/Guidelines, or you may select any problem related to the curriculum you studied.

Is it feasible for me to choose my own IGNOU project supervisor?

No, supervisors are selected by the institution's professors based on their areas of competence. You may begin your IGNOU Project after you have been given a supervisor and your IGNOU Proposal has been approved.

Some General Questions

Do IGNOU questions repeat?

IGNOU reprints previous year's exam papers. If you want to get high grades, study the previous four years' question papers. Make a note of the topics you come across on a regular basis.

Do IGNOU Exam candidates fail?

To pass the IGNOU Assignments, the applicant must get 40 out of a possible 100 points. The needed marks would be the same for all IGNOU academic programmes. If a candidate fails to get the required minimum marks in an IGNOU assignment, they must resubmit the work to IGNOU.

Is it required to submit a question paper with my IGNOU assignment?

It is required for submitting the assignment.

How can I get excellent grades in IGNOU?

Downloading IGNOU Previous Year Question Papers is the greatest technique to obtain extra points. Students may answer 2 to 5 years' or semester's worth of question papers on their own to improve their performance in the following Term End Exam.

Does IGNOU award excellent grades?

Absolutely not. The assignment is worth 30% of the grade. Focus on getting a decent grade on the assignment and don't take any shortcuts in theory. You must study.

Is the IGNOU marking system strict?

The IGNOU's evaluation of term end examination answer sheets is neither rigorous nor forgiving. Always read and follow the directions on the exam paper. For example, if it says "All questions are required," it indicates you must try all questions.

How excellent is the IGNOU study material?

IGNOU notes are quite popular among IAS applicants because of its substance, quality, legitimacy, affordability, and remarkable depth of knowledge. IGNOU notes have been created to assist like-minded students in achieving their objectives. It's like a miracle cure for IAS applicants.

Can I purchase IGNOU books?

It is quite simple to purchase IGNOU test books, assistance books/Guide books with cash on delivery from Open the website, choose the books you desire, and then choose a payment option. Enter your contact information and proceed to the checkout.

How can I get IGNOU notes?

Students may now view/download IGNOU Study Material on the University website for free ( First, register at to view/download IGNOU Study Material.

Can I purchase IGNOU Solved Question Papers?

It is quite simple to purchase IGNOU Solved Question Paper from using cash on delivery. Open the website, choose the papers you want, and then choose a payment option. Enter your contact information and proceed to the checkout.